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Thank you for your thoughts on frivolities- a necessary reprieve from the grind. Like most, it’s been challenging feeling there was a window of freedom with the vaccine and now life is closing in again with the variants. Last week, I spiraled when I found out two hairstylists at my salon weren’t vaccinated. I walked out with wet hair and barely contained rage. Add in the news and it can be all consuming.

So yes- books, music, art are essential. I finished ‘Whereabouts’ by Dana Spiotta last month- the New Yorker recently compared the novel to the writing of Deborah Levy- an author I’ve never read, but would now like to try. I’m currently reading ‘Migrations’ by Charlotte McConaghy -about climate change for a new book club. I recently moved on from my book club of 15 years and a few weeks ago met with my new club at a park for the first time. We read ‘Tokyo Uneo Station’ by Yu Miri. I had a hard time getting into it, but there was a thoughtful discussion on homelessness. I was impressed with this new club’s ability to keep the discussion completely book focused. Thanks for the Laurie Colwin recommendation. I think the NYT also recommend her recently too. I’d like to revisit her short stories. Nightbitch sounds intriguing - the premise conjures the movie ‘Tully’.

I’m not really a cooking person, but tomatoes with salt and olive oil are an ideal summer food. Interesting you commented on your kid’s milk- our pediatrician recommended 2% milk so our kids wouldn’t fill up on whole milk and then not be hungry enough for others foods- so we’ve always done 2%. I just deferred to her, since I’m not the best with nutrition. If I lived alone I’d subside on dark chocolate, cheese, wine, berries and smoked salmon. Fortunately my husband’s a pretty good cook. Cheers to all the frivolities that elevate our days.

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