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Love the kids' names explanation! I had wondered!

Had a dream my dad died the other night :/

I love that my mom is so unapologetic about who she is

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Yes, great overview of your kids’ names. I’m late in reading this, but I’ll answer the questions anyway for fun. 1. I wore a white simple teeshirt & a red tropical printed skirt w/ sandals, (I was in Hawaii for Thanksgiving). 2 . I don’t remember the last scary dream I had as an adult- I usually block them out/forget them pretty quickly or don’t get to that REM dream state. As a kid I was falling into a deep void where an alligator was waiting to consume me. 3 I’ve somehow been familiar with Red all along, maybe because I’m a Vogue subscriber and Swift has been on multiple covers or pop music is easy to drive and tune out to. 4. Favorite thing about my mom: she made it clear she “wasn’t a toll house cookie mom”- that you don’t have to volunteer in the classroom, bake cookies, or drive your kids around if you don’t want to. She had & still has in her 70s a successful career in what once was a male dominated field and was honest and realistic about what takes to get there.

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